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Top 15 Non-Fiction Books For Authors

These books cover several key areas for authors, including, confidence, inspiration, knowledge, self-discovery, experience, relationship marketing, and business thinking, which puts the author in a position to succeed while generating the opportunity to sell books.  You may have to go hunting for some of these books, but it’s worth it!  15. Everyday American English Expressions, by Richard A. Spears, Betty Birner, and Steve … [Read more...]

50 Tips for Untraditional Authors

You heard of traditional publishing and self-publishing. A third option has now emerged called, Untraditional Publishing, a process that opens doors of opportunities, while putting the author in control of their own career.  Every author has a different path to success. If that is true, then authors can look to others for examples, but must discover their own way to having a career. When an author attempts only the traditional publishing … [Read more...]


Authors have plenty to fear. It does not matter if you are working on your first book, or your fiftieth book. Fear looms inside the authors mind, imagination, and spirit. There are two types of fear: ~ An impending threat that is actually real. ~ An impending threat that is possibly real. The most common example for authors is the fear of not selling books. After all, that is how an author makes a living. When you think about not … [Read more...]

Interview with Author Danny Langone

Winner of UP Authors Best Cover, is Danny D. Langone, author of Wilt’s Hollow.  UP: Who created your book cover? And Whose idea was it to have a close-up of the character on the cover?  DL: My daughter Kim Colombero created the cover design in every respect.  UP: What is Wilt’s Hollow about?  DL: Wilt's Hollow tells a story about the effects of aging, from the knowledge we acquire while growing to the sense of loss we feel when we … [Read more...]

Can you judge a book by its cover?

Many authors do not realize the importance of an enticing book cover. After all, if first impression is everything, then that definitely applies to your book. After hours of writing your masterpiece, doesn't it deserve a stellar appearance to catch the eye of a potential reader? I think so, that's why I've included a few tips for all you authors to consider. First, the title of the book needs to be a legible, clean and an easy to read font … [Read more...]