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Author M.A.P.S.

The starting point for an author is writing a book. The ultimate goal for the author is to have a financially successful career. In order for you to chart this destination, try using M.A.P.S. The idea behind M.A.P.S. is this: “Everyday, an author should improve Mentally, improve Ambitions, improve Physically, and improve Spiritually.” The key word in that definition is, improve. ~ Get Better ~ Perk UP ~ Recover ~ Progress ~ Develop ~ … [Read more...]

Tax Tips For Authors

If you are pursuing a career as an author and it is not a hobby, then you can write certain expenses off your taxes. Basic Office Supplies: Pencils, pens, printer paper, ink, notebooks, paper clips, staples, etc… Do not write off your kid’s schools supplies. Office Equipment: Laptop, computer, printer, fax machine, flash-drive. Postage: Stamps, shipping, shipping supplies. Research: Magazines, books, dictionaries, thesaurus, trade … [Read more...]

Giving Yourself a Pep Talk

One of the hardest things for authors to do is stay confident. The road to success is long, filled with obstacles, setbacks, and plenty of rejection letters. For some that self-published their book, sales can be low, making the author wonder if they should continue trying. It is so important for authors to learn how to give themselves a pep talk. After all, being an author is a lonely job. You read on your own. You write on your own. You … [Read more...]