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Best First Chapter

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Best Cover

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Best Title

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15 Ideas for Indy Bookstores

Why are board games, puzzles, and trading cards a two billion dollar a year industry? Because you cannot duplicate the experience of playing a board game, putting together a puzzle, or trading cards with your friends. Video games are an extension of the Game & Toy Industry, not a replacement. Amazon and eBooks are an extension of the publishing industry, not a replacement. There are four types of readers: ~ Readers that purchase … [Read more...]

Common Dialogue Problems

After years of reading manuscripts from new authors, there is something in common with all of those books. Most of the authors have a terrific narrative voice, which comes from their original gift of being a writer. However, new authors have major problems in three areas: ~ Writing Mechanics ~ The books starts off great, but fades with each chapter until it becomes unreadable. ~ Weak Dialogue. Today, we will work on the third … [Read more...]