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Say Goodbye to Marketing, Hello to Fans!

Since most authors are on their own, that means they have to do their own marketing, which can cost plenty of time and money. Marketing plans frequently fail because most authors do not have degrees in business. Besides reading and writing, the next best thing an author loves to do is stay connected with fans. So, you know what? Say goodbye to marketing and hello to your fans! Relationship Marketing is a way to connect with your target … [Read more...]

Successful Authors With Every New Sunrise

If every sunrise were the same, then we would only look once. But as we know, the appearance of the sunrise changes daily. Authors that can appreciate the ever-changing world will view each day as a chance for new opportunities.  Success is defined as, “A favorable outcome, based on the accomplishments of service.” An author is defined as, “An originator of ideas.” So what is a successful author? “An originator of ideas, based on the … [Read more...]

Be in a Position to Succeed

Authors that place themselves in a position to succeed will increase their odds over authors that measure success by the amount of books they sell. Here is an example of what I mean. Let’s say there is a room with a thousand literary agents, publishers, and readers. On the outside of that room are authors selling books. Another author had been invited, but does not have a table for this event to sell books. Instead, the author is simply one … [Read more...]

Patience vs Confidence

When an experienced author is asked to give advice, usually the first thing they say is, “Every author needs patience.” Although I believe patience is extremely important, I sometimes feel that authors should switch to “Confidence Mode.” Here’s why…  ~ Patience can certainly give you the endurance to last many years without success, but confidence is the belief that you will indeed become successful.  ~ Patient authors can suffer for many … [Read more...]

Blinded By Passion

You wrote a book. Finished it. And will try to sell that book. You are enthusiastic. Excited. Pumped UP. A big smile is plastered on your face. You are thrilled with the possibilities of your book. Then something happens. Either you begin to receive rejection letters, or book sales are much lower than expected. You try to stay determined and continue the tough fight. In fact, you become obsessed at getting your book into the hands of the … [Read more...]