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Shaping the Author: Part II

Authors throughout history have shaped their career by using what the world had thrown at them. As you shape your own author career, use these examples to spark new ideas. ~ An author’s childhood memories consisted of poverty, along with a father who was drunk, violently abusive, and cheated on his mother. During his writing career, it took 35 novels before he broke through. He has sold more than 200 million books. Lesson: There are really two … [Read more...]

Shaping the Author: Part I

Here is the good news. You have more than one path to become a successful author. While you take the journey down each path, your author shape will be revealed. In other words, you will completely change from the original person that had an idea about a great book. Many bestselling authors can refer back to a single moment that changed their lives. Compare these examples to your own life, while learning to shape your own author career. ~ An … [Read more...]

Rise UP Authors: Feel Good About Yourself

As an author, you have made plenty of mistakes. The hard truth is that everything you did wrong was based on the decisions that you made. The good news is that every decision that you make in the future, is UP to you! Everyday you are going to struggle. On the other hand, everyday you are going to succeed. How do I know? Because, you are an author. Let me say that again. “You are an author!” Remember that God approves of you. No matter … [Read more...]

Why is the publishing industry so negative?

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar? “Most authors should keep their expectations low.” “Authors are usually rejected twenty, thirty, or even fifty times before they find a literary agent that is somewhat interested.” “You cannot sign with a traditional publisher without a literary agent.” “It is common for self-published authors to sell less than a hundred books.” “Some agents only want authors that had been signed with a … [Read more...]

Authors Should Use a Whiteboard

Every three or four months, I sit in a conference room with my trusted business partners and we write everything that I am doing as an author on the whiteboard. This includes every book, every program, every social media site, every publishing contact, everything that is on my website, and every idea that I have. When I first started doing this, there wasn’t much to write down. But over the years, the whiteboard has begun to overflow. In our last … [Read more...]