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Rise UP Authors: You Are Next

Every Sunday I hope that you will join us here at UP Authors to strengthen your author spirit with an uplifting message. The publishing world associates authors with rejection and failure. “You will be rejected,” is a common phrase in most help blogs for authors. There even blogs that say most authors are in denial. Ignore those disheartening messages and believe that you are next. If someone asks you, “Of the books that you have written, … [Read more...]

The Author Brand

Your brand is not just your name, or the title of your book. It is everything about you. Authors must be experts in their craft and industry, along with understanding their genre and target audience. Like any other company, YOU are the brand! I used to think that meeting an editor at a publishing company, or meeting a literary agent would lead to my big break. That could not have been farther from the truth. My big break came by hiring an … [Read more...]