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30 Ways to Get Out of the Author Rut: Part IV

Look UP! You are in a rut if you are thinking this, “I’ve reached a dead end.” Or, “I’m never going to make it.” The first thing to understand is that you are not going to give up. You were born to be an author. The sooner you stop feeding negative emotions into your head, the sooner you can get back to work. If you made a choice to say something like, “I am stuck,” then you can also make a choice to say, “I am going to find a way to get … [Read more...]

30 Ways to Get Out of the Author Rut: Part III

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” ~ Arthur C. Clark Are you an author that is in a rut? Here are more ways to help. Clean UP! Take a day to clean and organize every inch of your workspace and surrounding area. If you write at home, then clean your entire house, do the laundry, and dust. This will have several wonderful outcomes to pull you from that rut. First, you will … [Read more...]

30 Ways to Get Out of the Author Rut: Part II

Are you in an author rut? All of us have been there. Repeat this quote to yourself each day, “Things do not change; we change.” Henry David Thoreau Point of View. If you believe that you are in a rut, then something happened recently to influence your mind. Your confidence had somehow been shaken. Every author goes through this from time-to-time. What feelings do you have right now? Are you depressed with how your career is developing as an … [Read more...]

30 Ways to Get Out of the Author Rut: Part I

I think the “Author Rut” can be just as stressful as writers block. You do not know where you are going. Then you start to wonder how your dreams will come true, while the confidence is drained from your once unshakeable author spirit. Suddenly, you are in a rut. Well, let’s get you out of that rut and back to work. Break tradition. Tradition turns into routine and routine turns into a regular chore, which slams you into a wall and … [Read more...]