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A Killing is Not Necessarily a Spilling, and Other Lessons from Hitchcock

In 1960, Alfred Hitchcock directed perhaps his most famous movie. It involved Norman Bates, a somewhat troubled young man, to say the least. It also involved a graphic—but not so graphic—murder scene in which a woman was stabbed to death in the shower. This shower scene captivated the attention of millions of disgusted viewers, and yet take note of a few things: 1)      We never see the knife hit Janet Leigh, we simply think it. 2)      The … [Read more...]

Authors Should Have Conversations

Robby Sands and Jon Truss are both authors. They were invited to an event with other vendors ranging from computer software experts to financial advisors. Robby and Jon each set up their table with books, bookmarks, flyers, business cards, and a poster size picture of their front cover. The event would last three hours and a hundred people were expected to attend. The vendor tables were set up on the outside in a large square. In the middle, … [Read more...]

Your Best as an Author

Unfortunately, authors can never say, “Well, I did my best.” Readers, reviewers, literary agents, and traditional publishers do not care about your best. They want to read an entertaining book. What if in the beginning of your novel, you added an Authors Note: “I really hope you enjoy my novel. I just wanted to let you know that I did the best that I can.” Two things are wrong with that statement. First, it sounds like the author is giving … [Read more...]

30 Ways to Get Out of the Author Rut: Part VI

A rut will disturb your peace of mind. It can also eat away at your dreams, which will eventually tear apart your health. You need to fight your way out of the rut. Here are more ideas on how to do that.  Get rid of bad habits. The ingredient for any rut is to have daily bad habits. A rut enjoys when you consistently do things wrong. You end up being satisfied with mediocrity, rather than propelling yourself to a successful future. You … [Read more...]

30 Ways to Get Out of the Author Rut: Part V

Anytime you are in a rut, you are saying that you want to make a change. Perhaps, you even want to raise your standards. You know how to be an author, but if you are in a rut, then you are simply not doing what you already know. Here are some more terrific ways to get out of a rut. Exercise. When you are a fulltime author, you are spending eight hours a day on your butt. Right now, decide that you want to be around in the future to collect … [Read more...]