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The Next Genre Craze

How many of you wished that five years ago, you could have come up with a high school love triangle involving a vampire, a werewolf, and a teenage girl that sputters out sentences like every word is painful to say. Or maybe ten years ago, you wrote about an awesome wizard school. No worries. I’ll tell you the next big craze. Just to warn you, authors in the publishing loop have already begun switching over to this genre a year ago. If you … [Read more...]

Write Another, by Ron Knight

On Trina’s thirty-second birthday, she finally finished her first novel. Trina was so proud of her book. It had romance, thrills, mystery, action, comedy, and wonderful characters. Trina’s father, Mier Wade, owned his own publishing house. It was considered a mid-size publisher, but growing fast. Trina envisioned her first book signing, her table adorned with a Wade Publishing banner on one side and a huge poster with an illustration of her book … [Read more...]

Authors Making Connections

What if you do not have the money to travel around the world and attend writing conferences and book festivals? There are other ways to get yourself noticed and make connections with those in the publishing industry. Here are some things you can start today. Decide on One Connection Goal What is the outcome you hope to achieve by connecting with a certain person in the publishing industry? By connecting to an established author, will you … [Read more...]

Black & White Fiction

(I wrote this blog a year ago and had seen some changes with how authors are being placed in the bookstores. Read the blog from July of 2010 and then read the changes that have occurred over the last eleven months.) Before I say another word, let me tell you how hard it is for me to write this blog. I am a white fiction author, discussing a possible concern that involves black fiction authors. This is about as far out a person can stick their … [Read more...]