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Twenty-Two Lessons for Authors

Welcome to Author 101, where you will learn several valuable lessons to improve in the craft of writing and beome a career author. Read over the lessons with an open mind and great care. It is a systematic instruction list, used both as a warning and as encouragement. LESSON ONE: Do not use lack of money or lack of resources as an excuse. Reading is free at the library. Options for writing are endless. Marketing can be done through … [Read more...]

Self-Publishing or Traditonal Publishing?

There are hundreds of blogs comparing traditional publishing to self-publishing. The most common discussion is how much an authors royalty would end up being. And there is the ever popular, “Authors that self-publish keep all the rights to their books.” But none of these blogs tell you what to choose. “It’s all a matter of opinion,” the expert claims.  No, it is not a matter of opinion. Almost all truly gifted and motivated authors will break … [Read more...]

Will You Be An Author In Two Years?

There are about 700,000 books published in a year. How many of those 700,000 authors will be around, still writing, in two years? About 20%. How many of those authors will be writing books in four years? About 5%.  And how many will still be an author in ten years? Less than 2%.  Publishing will always go through transformations. Traditional publishing, self-publishing, e-books, and a new revision of print-on-demand is in our near future. … [Read more...]