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Improve Your Novel

There are two parts to a novel: Great story and great mechanics. You need both to be successful. This is not my opinion, but rather a fact. Every author has ideas for an entertaining book. The hard part is getting it to "read like a book." I went through this same exercise in 1995. It was tough, but once I learned all the "do's and dont's" of writing, things got much easier for me. At first, you will be overwhelmed and it will be time … [Read more...]

Dark Half Author

This blog is not about Stephen King's book, "The Dark Half," although, authors who are writing for a career, can relate to that horror story. There is something that many authors deal with that you might not be aware of. An author who has leaped from part-time to full-time and has a career writing books, discovers emotions and feelings that are both decent and dark. I talk about the good all the time. In fact, every career author will admit … [Read more...]

Facebook Author

I have about 3,800 "friends" on Facebook. 2,500 are authors. Another 1,000 are connected to the publishing industry. I still remember when my manager said, "I'm signing you up for Facebook and a blog. You can reach more people, instead of doing speaking engagements." My reaction? "Uggg...." I like speaking speaking engagements and do not want to be on the Internet while I could be writing. Nevertheless, like always, my manager was … [Read more...]

Learn From Others

Reading so many books helped shape my author career. My style, writing mechanics, and storytelling ability is because of these authors and what they wrote. I'm sure there are many authors you have read that are not on this list and there are many more I should have mentioned. In fact, I can make another top 25 list tomorrow. Keep in mind that my genre is Psychological Thriller and Suspense. Here are the top 25 books that changed my … [Read more...]

Big Change in Publishing

When you think of "Big Change in Publishing," what comes to mind? E-books? i-Pad? Kindle? Amazon? Maybe the first thing you thought of, "It's about time!" Or, you could be thinking, "Oh no! What's wrong?" Well, the traditional publishing houses are finally caving into self-publishing and conceding to the fact that they cannot compete. They have no choice but to join or be instinct. Do I feel this is a good thing? Well, I'll let you know … [Read more...]