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Manager – What does that mean?

A few days ago Ron Knight wrote about how helpful it was to have a manager. After getting some really great feedback and questions I thought it would be useful for all of you if I wrote a little bit about what my objective is with a client. First of all I consider myself a brand manager. This means my goal is to create and build your brand. I have several types of clients, from businesses to professional anglers to authors. Each client is … [Read more...]

Traditional Marketing

I believe if authors knew exactly how the publishing industry works, then they would be able to plan accordingly. I hear this statement all the time, "Traditional publishers have changed. If they won't market me, then what do I need them for?" There are two facts authors need to remember: Bad News: It is harder than ever to sign with a literary agent and traditional publisher. Good News: Authors have more resources and opportunities than … [Read more...]


Why do bookstores shy away from self-published titles? Because the book has not gone through the same editing and redraft process as a traditionally published book. How many times would you rewrite your book, clean it, and polish it, if you had a chance to be published by Random House? The answer is probably at least a dozen times. You would make sure that your manuscript is perfect, because you will only get one shot. Now let me ask you … [Read more...]

Rejection Letter: Four Reasons

Uggg...The rejection letter. Even the bestselling authors can talk about all the times someone rejected them. How can authors overcome this, even when agents and publishers are tougher than ever? There are four reasons you were rejected: 1. Story or idea was not appealing. 2. Marketing plan was weak. (Or the author did not have one.) 3. No or little audience. 4. Mechanics of the writing was sub-par. Good news! I'm going to tell … [Read more...]

Literary Agent v.s. Manager

As the saying goes, "You need an agent to be published, but you need to be published to get an agent." I've been an author a very long time, but never got used to the idea that authors need to go through many "rejection" letters in the traditional publishing industry. To be honest, that is a tradition most authors could do without. When Martin Levin (Publishing Lawyer) gave me his book, "Be Your Own Literary Agent" back in 1998, I prepared … [Read more...]