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Read the Signs

What happens to an author when literary agents and traditional publishers send rejection letters? The author resorts to self-publishing. However, the author does not sell any books. Time and money has been wasted, leaving the author baffled and depressed. This does not happen because the author is untalented, but rather unmarketable.  Authors need to show their talents. More importantly, establish their market. Ask yourself this question: … [Read more...]

Influential Books for Authors

Reading is the most important tool an author has to improve their career, along with their craft. I have read many books that changed my life as an author. These are just some of my favorites.  Here are the top ten books that influenced my career: 10. The First Five Pages, by Noah Lukeman. A weak start to your book is disastrous. Noah discusses this problem, along with common mistakes in writing, dialogue, and storytelling. 9. … [Read more...]

Develop a Marketing Plan for Authors

To begin a marketing plan, ask yourself these questions: “Who is my audience?” “Where is my audience?” “How can I reach my audience?” “What should I say to my audience about my book?” “What will convince my audience to purchase my book?” If you have the answers to all these questions, then you have a market. If you have a market, then you have a career.   I believe that everyone should have an Untraditional Published book, … [Read more...]

Audience for Authors

Do you remember when traditional publishing was the ultimate goal of any author. Looking back, even then, authors were setup to fail. Here was the process:  Write a novel. Select agents that may represent you. Query the agent about your book. After at least twenty rejections, an agent wants to read your synopsis and sample chapters. The agent loves your synopsis and chapter samples. He/she wants to see your entire manuscript. The … [Read more...]