$20 Marketing Plan for Authors

CellphoneThere’s one marketing idea that you’ve never tried, nor have you ever thought of doing, yet it is just about guaranteed to sell books. It’s better than anything else you’ve ever done before.

Here it is…

Pay someone $20 to tell everyone in their phone contact list and social media about your book.

Before you roll your eyes and click off this blog, think about it for a moment. Can you imagine if 200 new readers heard about your book today? Would that be worth twenty bucks?

You’re always saying, “I just need people to know about my book and they will buy it.”

Well, this is how!

Why will this work? Why is this $20 investment worth it?


92% of people will at least look at your book based on information shared by a family or friend.


If people read an excerpt of your book, then you get a chance to show off your talent, which turns into book sales.


Once people purchase your book, they will become fans. If you have 100 loyal fans, you can turn that into a $50,000 year income stream.


Take some of your earnings and do another $20 investment with a different person. Make this a monthly marketing plan, adding fans at a quick rate.

It’s so simple, you’re probably wondering why you’ve never thought about it before!

If you need more ideas to sell books, visit 12 Month Author Marketing Plan.

Ron Knight

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