13 Facts to Sell More Books

MCS BLOG 21If you know exactly what readers are doing and what they want most in the world, then you have an advantage over authors that really don’t pay attention.

Use these statistics for your marketing and your future writing projects.

When do readers purchase books?

~ Readers purchase books more in the first half of the year, compared to the second half. (Source: Adult Book Trends Update) Most authors believe that books are bought during the fall holidays, but according to statistics that simply isn’t true.

Other than online purchases, where are readers buying books?

22% of readers purchase at chain bookstores. (Which may seem obvious, but read on…)

22% of readers purchase from book clubs.

13% of readers purchase from independent bookstores.

5% purchased from mass chain stores. (Target, Walmart.)

38% purchased from other sources such as churches, schools, vendors, author events, etc…

What are the most popular cities that read books? (Source: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)

1: Minneapolis

2: Seattle

3: Denver

4: Atlanta

5: San Francisco

Which kind of people purchase more books?

~ Cities with a high education rate purchase 24% more books than cities with a low education rate. (Source: National Endowment for the Arts)

~ Cities with mid-high income levels purchase 17% more books than cities with low income levels. (Source: National Endowment for the Arts)

~ Studies have shown that lower class families will purchase video games and DVD’s for the weekend as a distraction from life, while upper-class families will purchase books as a way to relax. (Source: The Social Animal)

~ The average person in India reads about 10 hours and 40 minutes a week, while the average person in the United States reads about 5 hours a week. If you’re selling to the U.S. market, then “speed” needs to be part of your books.

~ Readers are interested in purchasing books the same way songs can be purchased from an album. (Consumers can purchase a few songs at a time, rather than buying the entire album.) In response, publishers will sell lower cost, smaller books in chunks.

For example, a single 300 page book will now be published in 6 smaller books. (Source: George Lossius, CEO at Publishing Technology)

Which cities have the most bookstores? (Source: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)

1: Seattle

2: San Francisco

3: Portland

4: Minneapolis

5: Atlanta

Knowing where to find reader, how to reach them, and their habits is the key to your author success.

Ron Knight

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