12 Month Author Marketing Plan

12 Month Author Marketing PlanIf you’re sick of books and blogs that tell you how to write stories and you would rather have someone tell you how to sell books, then this is the place to be.

12 Month Author Marketing Plan is a step-by-step guide for the next year, giving you specific tips and ideas of how to sell books each month. By the end, you’ll have over 100 marketing ideas!

There are several goals of this author marketing book:

  • Becoming an author who will be ranked in the top 20% of your genre.
  • Investing just 3% of your current income each month into your marketing plan, then eventually investing 3% of your royalties to increase book sales.
  • Tips from business and marketing books of all types including biographies of famous business people.
  • Becoming responsible for your success by completing the marketing to-do list each month.

Each chapter includes:

  • A monthly overview of marketing plans.
  • Creating a Book Kit to increase bulk sales.
  • Tip of the month.
  • Specific to-do list.
  • 3 additional ideas each month for selling books.

12 Month Author Marketing Plan is what every author has been waiting for.

Ron Knight

Ron Knight

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