110 Tips for Authors: 81-90

MCS BLOG 14Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on! (If you would like the complete list of 110 Tips for Authors, email AuthorRonKnight@aol.com and label the email, “120 Tips”.)

81: Make sure your manuscript is written in first, second, or third person the entire book. (Experienced authors sometimes use both first and third person, but if you have written less than five novels, do not try this.)

82: Team up with local authors and travel to events together. Events = Sales.

83: At events, have customers sign up for a free drawing. They can simply put their name and email information. While the customer is at your table, it’s a chance to have a quick conversation. Free Drawing + Relationship Marketing = Sales.

84: At events, give away anything that is the same color as your book cover. For example: pencils, key chains, stickers, etc… Free Stuff + Relationship Marketing = Sales.

85: Write blogs that are specific to your audience. Benefiting Your Audience = Sales.

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86: Write testimonials for other authors. Include your name and the book title you want to promote. Everywhere that author’s book is sold you will be seen. Testimonials = Sales.

87: Weekly news releases are short updates that you can use on your blog to promote your book. A news release looks similar to a press release. TIP: Write fictitious news releases based on characters of your book. News Releases = Sales.

88: Write an article and submit to a magazine or newspaper. Media Outlets = Sales.

89: When you receive junk mail with a return envelope that has “No postage required,” send it back with one of your bookmarks inside. Also, anytime you mail in a bill, stick a bookmark inside. If they do not like it, then tell them to stop sending you bills. Amusing Yourself = Priceless

90: When you send out your Christmas cards or any holiday cards, stick a bookmark inside. This isn’t so much about relationship marketing. It’s more about reminding your family and friends to buy a dang book from you. Making Family & Friends Feel Guilty = Sales

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