110 Tips for Authors: 51-60

MCS BLOG 10Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on!

51: Watch the experts. Look in the bookstore and gaze at the shelves. What do you see? What will be popular next year? Five years from now? Start working on that idea.

52: Exhaust all possibilities. After trying everything you will become limited to which way you should go next. Look at those limited options as useful. With no other ways to go, how can you go wrong?

53: A quick exchange using dialogue to illustrate a scene or plot twist can be more powerful than description.

54: The more you know about your genre and writing, the more value you are to others. The more value you are to others, the more opportunities you will have. The more opportunities you have, the more money you will make.

55: Go through your manuscript and look for overuse of adjectives. Example of an author pushing description down a reader’s throat: “Jeff was wise not to battle the bright, hot, sunny, day, because it was so dusty, yet smoggy.”

56: The description of a scene can be slow and drawn out unless the author is only writing the important essentials. Do not over describe.

57: Grip the reader. Hold the reader. Never let go of the reader. Your book should read like it’s going a hundred miles per hour.

58: Delete all cliché’ phrases. “I’m in the twilight zone.” Or, “He was wondering if this was just a nightmare and he would wake up soon.” Instead, use clever description or dialogue to reveal your character’s feelings.

59: Have a book with you at all times. If you are waiting for something, then you have the opportunity to read.

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60: Watch movies with the subtitles on. Understand why lines were written a certain way. Figure out why each word is important to that scene. It will be the same with your book; every word has a significant meaning.

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