110 Tips for Authors: 31-40

A MCS BLOG 7Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career?

31: Spend a few hours in the bookstore rather than spending a few hours in the mall.

32: Everything has to look fantastic. This includes your writing, your book covers, your website, your Facebook profile, your blogs, your photo, your attitude, the way you dress, bookmarks, and your flyers. Spend the extra time to get it right.

33: Use your unique talents instead focusing on what other authors are doing.

34: Become the best seller of your books rather than telling people you are going to be a bestseller.

35: Write for readers instead of writing for literary agents and publishers.

36: Be a dedicated author, not a desperate author.

37: Always head towards your biggest reward. What’s the best way to reach a million readers? A better question is, “Who can you partner with to reach a million readers?” Is it a professional talent agency? A top six publisher? Business associate? Investor? Always think about where you are headed and what you need to arrive at that destination.

38: Take a few risks. If everyone on the planet thinks an idea is silly, then use your imagination to make the idea useful. Being an innovative author will turn you into a successful author.

39: An author Book Kit is one of the best ways to reach decision makers and sell 20-100 books at time. To view the details of an author Book Kit, visit 12 Month Author Marketing Plan.

40: Get rid of 90% of your exclamation marks in your books!!!!!!!!! (Now go back and get rid of 5% more of your exclamation marks!!!!)

“Shhh…Listen to your readers.” ~ Ron Knight

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