10 Bookstores for Self-Published Authors

MCS BLOG 3There’s been a high demand for self-published authors to get into bookstores. Here’s a list to get you started.

Barnes & Noble Stores

Summary: Let’s start with the longshot. There’s over 100,000 submissions each year, but if you follow their guidelines, it’s worth the chance.

Website: http://www.barnesandnobleinc.com/for_authors/how_to_work_with_bn/how_to_work_with_bn.html

Watermark Books

Summary: According to the owner, Sarah Bagby, “No questions asked, we’ll take five copies of a book on consignment.”

Website: http://www.watermarkbooks.com/contact-us

Vroman’s Bookstore

Summary: Fill out the consignment form and submit your book. That seems easy…



Brazo’s Bookstore

Summary: “We accept book submissions from small or self-published authors that fit into these categories: literary fiction, graphic novels, poetry, memoir, biography, history, Texana, high-quality nonfiction, children’s books, travel, cookbooks/food writing, art monographs/art history, design, and architecture.”

Website: http://www.brazosbookstore.com/about/services/consignment

Changing Hands Bookstore

Summary: They love self-published authors, because it gives them a chance to expand their reading list and inventory. Win/Win.

Website: http://www.changinghands.com/page/consignment

Saturn Booksellers

Summary: They have their own self-published section. They will send you a check after six months based on books that are sold and you have to make arrangements to get your unsold books back.

Website: http://www.saturnbooksellers.com/consignment-information-self-published-authors

Carmichael’s Bookstore

Summary: They prefer local authors to stop in and drop off a copy of the book for review, but once again, it doesn’t hurt to make a submission. The handling fee is $5.00 and they usually start with 10 copies of your book.

Website: http://www.carmichaelsbookstore.com/local-author-policy

Note: If you want an agency to pitch your books to stores so that you can focus on writing, then check out the White Glove Program at http://authorsmarketingpro.com/

Meanwhile, here are some more bookstores for you to consider…

Tattered Cover Book Store

Summary: There’s a $30 fee, but at least your book will be in the store. The drawback is that they prefer local authors. So if you live in the Denver, CO area, you will have more of chance than if you live somewhere else.

Website: http://www.tatteredcover.com/local-authors

Lyon Books 

Summary: You must live within 60 miles of Chico, California. They take all authors in the area on their consignment policy. Consignment checks are written every two months. If you can make a good case why your book will sell in the area, give it a try.

Website: http://www.lyonbooks.com/

The Written World

Summary: I’m not sure about their website, or their store location in Colorado Springs. However, I did find this quote by the owner, “We will take self-pubbed books from authors on consignment. We usually ask for 5 copies minimum. The percentage is decided by the writer. We also set up launch parties, signings, readings, and even speaking engagements at no charge. We’re happy to serve the community how we can. We don’t limit ourselves to Colorado, but will take books from anyone, and if someone with a book out would like to use our venue while traveling to this area they only need ask.”

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WrittenWorld/info?ref=page_internal

(You can obtain an email address from the Facebook Page and ask questions about their consignment policies.)

To increase your chances in bookstores; create an Advanced Information Sheet that can be sent out. (Traditional publishers send this out 4 months in advance of the release date.)

~ Publisher’s logo

~ Name of author(s), editor, illustrator, as appropriate

~ Title and sub-title, and series title where relevant

~ Publication date

~ Suggested retail price


~ Number of pages and illustrations

~ Format and binding(s)

~ Language

~ Two or three key selling points

~ Brief summary of contents, indicating localities where relevant

~ Brief details of the author(s) or editor: including where they are from and where they live

~ Intended readership

~ Promotional details: serialization, press, TV & radio features, launches, etc

~ Reviews and recommendations: brief quotations from respected, named sources

~ cover, author photograph or other appropriate image

~ Publisher’s contact details

~ Distributors’ contact details

I hope that helps. If I find more bookstores, I’ll post them here!

Ron Knight

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