You are an Author

5% of authors in the world make enough money that they do not need another job. 15% of authors are talented and motivated. They are just a couple steps away from being in the 5% range. 80% of authors do not respect the craft.

Which are you? I can bet a nickel right now that you are in the 15% range. When I write these blogs, I know I’m helping authors with talent and motivation. Sure, I have a few of the 5% stop by once in awhile to remind themselves where they came from. Nevertheless, most of what I am saying, they already know. The 80% do not like what I have to say because, “It seems impossible. Why should I try?”

2 out of every 1,000 authors who send in submissions to agents/publishers are accepted. That does not sound like you have much of a chance, does it? Well, do not be discouraged.

Remember that 80% of those 1,000 are so far from reality, they do not deserve the title of “author.” That leaves 200. Well, not everyone writes in the same genre as you. If you are a romance author, your submission to an agent will be different from someone who writes children’s books.

What you should be saying right now is, “I don’t make the odds, I just beat the odds.” That is true in so many ways.

Nevertheless, be careful.

I pray that every one of you has a tough road to being published. I want you to be humbled, I want you to have setbacks, and I want you to receive your share of rejections. Why do I want that? It will motivate you to reach deep inside yourself and find unexplored capacities. Humble authors always land in the 5% range.

There are authors who have gone through horrible moments in their lives, who have since been able to sell millions of books. Some of these authors’ lives were at one point, absolutely tragic, yet they continued to write. Those authors are now sitting in the 5% category.

The reasons you are here right now, reading these words, is that you are searching for wisdom. You want to improve yourself as an author.

Even if you are broke, you can spend everyday in the library. You can read to improve your storytelling and mechanics. You can go on the libraries computer to market and network. You can do research for your writing and discover ways to better yourself.

No matter what is going on in your life, if you wrote today, it was a good day. If you read today, it was a good day. If you went on Facebook and talked about your writing, it was a good day. If you researched an agent or publisher, it was a good day. If you found ways to better your writing, it was a good day.

If you did all these things, then it was a great day!

You are an author.

Are you listening to me? I said you are an author! Everyday. No matter your stature or how much money you have in the bank, it has nothing to do with this moment. You are an author. And if you quit, it will break my heart. I believe in you, because I know the audience for my blogs are in the 15% range…just a few steps from having a career as an author. If you ever think of giving up, or you lost confidence in your chances of having a career as an author, email me. I will set you straight. (

The key is to find out which of those “steps” you are missing. Right now, you do not know. That is why you are here, to find out. When you have a chance, go over my other blogs and see what you could be doing better. And don’t you dare tell me that you are doing everything right. Someone who thinks they are perfect belongs in that 80% group.

When you wake up in the morning, I want you to say, “I am an author.” When you go to bed, as you close your eyes and dream of that national book tour, I want you to whisper, “I am an author.” Keep saying it!

If you have been rejected, evaluate yourself with honesty. Those that cannot figure out areas of improvement, belong with the other 80%. It is okay to admit, “My books need improvement.” Those who are in the 15%, often say things like that. Other admissions are, “I need to read more,” and “I need to do more marketing,” and “I need to learn more about the publishing industry.”

Hold your head up, speak with confidence, and do not let the world steal your joy. I know why you are here. You are an author.

You…are an author!

Ron Knight  

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  1. I needed to read these words tonight. Thanks! This message was right on time. Now excuse me while I get back to my previous writing already in progress.

  2. Tom Tiernan says:

    I have been carrying around this damn thumbdrive for the past 2 weeks and doing nothing. I am printing this and keeping it with me for just those moments. Thanks for a terrific piece, Ron.