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A MCS Blogs 5“If you want to write for yourself, get a diary. If you want to write for your friends, get a blog. If you want to write for others…become an author.” ~ James Patterson

Many authors admit that they, “Write from their heart.” However, it’s best to write from, “Your reader’s heart.” This will increase your chances of success by a thousand percent.

If book sales are low, then take a look at your social media posts, blogs, and even your books. Use this self-examination:

~ Look at your last five posts on Facebook. Did those posts benefit your readers in a way that would attract them to your books?

~ Look at your last five blogs. Did the information benefit your readers to the point that they wanted to purchase your novels?

~ List five reasons your books benefit a specific reader?

These are difficult questions to answer if you never considered asking them.

Here are some posts from authors that do not attract readers:

“I’m off to Starbucks. Had a long day and looking forward to my caffeine fix.”

“Is anyone else sick of hearing about the government?”

“My oldest daughter won her tennis match today. I’m so proud of her!”

“I’m going to sit and write 1,500 words today if it kills me!”

Think about your stories, the characters, and the impact your novels have on your potential readers. Shouldn’t every word that you post on social media and in your blogs reflect on your books?

I always tell authors to decide today if they are on social media to sell books, or to share personal information with a random audience.

Think about James Patterson. Do you know what his daughter is doing this week? Does he even have a daughter?

Part of the mystery of being an author is that readers look to you for a reality break. If you’re posting reality on social media and blogs, then the readers lose interest in you.

If you saw a great movie and posted the title along with the plot, then your potential readers are thinking about that movie, rather than your books. You can actually become a distraction in your own marketing efforts.

Look at my last five posts on Facebook. Look at my last five Tweets. Look at all my blogs here on UP Authors. I’m writing for you and for my readers. I want to benefit you every day so that you continue reading my posts and blogs.

Your target readers are expecting the same thing. Start today and commit to being an author and benefiting your fans.

Ron Knight

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