Why is the publishing industry so negative?

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar?

“Most authors should keep their expectations low.”

“Authors are usually rejected twenty, thirty, or even fifty times before they find a literary agent that is somewhat interested.”

“You cannot sign with a traditional publisher without a literary agent.”

“It is common for self-published authors to sell less than a hundred books.”

“Some agents only want authors that had been signed with a traditional publisher. But if the author is signed with a traditional publisher, what do they need an agent for?”

“It is close to impossible for an author to get their book into the stores. Even if they did, no one is buying printed books anymore. Plus, bookstores are going out of business.”

I never understood why negativity coincides with the publishing industry. I’m always afraid that talented authors will give up, because everything connected to the author craft seems miserable.

Authors should know that they hold the power. Can a publisher survive without authors? Can a literary agent survive without authors? Can any person or business in the publishing industry, survive without authors?

Absolutely not.

Here is my advice to my fellow authors. 

~ Stick together, just like publishing houses and literary agents stick together.

~ Promote each other. Read each other’s books. Give constructive feedback to new authors so they do not give up.

~ Do not limit yourself to one kind of publishing, or one kind of marketing plan. Take advantage of every resource.

~ Surround yourself with positive people. If you are friends with an author on Facebook that posts negative comments, un-friend them.

~ Remember that you have a purpose to bring joy to others with your writing.

~ Do something everyday to fulfill your dreams.

~ And treat the library as a monument to greatness, not a museum.

Keep your expectations high, rather than low. And most of all, do not be traditional…be Untraditional!

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  1. Great article. Points well made. In the interest of ‘indie’ author promotion and helping each other out, which i entirely agree with, I’ve linked this blog to mine, at http://www.e-bookmuncher.com . Cheers!