Which Readers Have Value?

MCS BLOG 2The decisions that your target readers make are from their heart, meaning, based on their inner emotions. Readers assign value to every book that they consider.

Readers ask two questions:

~ Why am I considering this book?

~ Why this book have more value than the 300,000 other books that had been published this year?

You can begin to answer those questions by thinking outwardly. Every reader in the world has a certain value to you.

For example, some readers prefer non-fiction, but you write fiction. So the non-fiction readers have little value to you.

If you’re marketing to “everyone” using social media, then you are marketing to non-value readers. This is costing you potential book sales, because valued readers are not being reached by you.

The process of finding your target audience starts by placing value to each type of reader.

Some Value: Readers that prefer fiction.

Explanation: Or if you write non-fiction, poetry, memoirs, etc…then that would be your valued reader.

Good Value: Readers that prefer fiction and your same genre.

Explanation: If you write romance, then obviously you don’t want to be wasting time with readers that prefer thrillers and mystery. Once again, this is the biggest mistake made in social media and it’s frustrating to readers. Also, it should be frustrating to you if your book sales are low.

Great Value: Readers that prefer fiction, your genre, and will relate to your storyline and characters.

Explanation: The reader will find value in your books if they can relate to the characters ethnic background, social experiences, religion, education, economic background, physical attractiveness, intelligence, attitudes, expectations, interests, and communication skills. Remember that readers are making choices based on their emotions, not yours.

Excellent Value: Readers that prefer fiction, your genre, will relate to your storyline and characters, and enjoy your writing style. This includes your choice of words that readers can understand.

Explanation: People with an 80 IQ will know the full definitions to the words, “Fabric, enormous, and conceal,” but not know the full meaning of the words, “Sentence, consume, and commerce.” People with a 90 IQ will know all those words, but won’t know the full definition to the words, “Designate, ponder, and reluctant.” (HINT: Keep your books simple and you’ll reach a larger audience.)

Amazing Value: Readers that prefer fiction, your genre, will relate to your storyline and characters, enjoy your writing style, and prefers the flow of your book.

Explanation: Some readers enjoy large books that have a “classic” feel with long paragraphs and long chapters, while other readers just want to be entertained with short paragraphs and short chapters.

Perfect Value: Readers that prefer all of the above along with printed books.

Explanation: Or if you sell only eBooks, then that is your market. Just remember that 6% of readers prefer only eBooks and 46% of readers prefer only printed books. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

As an author, you have goals, ambitions, dreams, desires, and ways of doing things.

Just remember that your target readers have goals, ambitions, dreams, desires, and ways of doing things…

Ron Knight

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