Using Cinema to Market Books

Advertise your books using Cinema Spots, Cinema Slides, Cinema Scenes, or Lobby Promotions.

Cinema Spots

~ This starts at the feature film’s published show time and in a lights-down environment so that the audience is more attentive.

~ Spots can be purchased for 30 seconds, 45, 60, 90, or 120.

~ Choose rating of movie to fit your genre and books: G, PG, PG-13, R.

Cinema Slides

These pre-show slides have a different content like trivia and advertisements. There are a few options:

~ 10 second spot at least twice before the show time.

~ Digital slide with sound and motion. Each ad can be 15 seconds long and will be shown twice.

~ You can have a slide that is suitable for all movie ratings and will be shown in every theater room.

~ Pay to have your ad in national movie theaters and shown in specific cities to match your target audience.

Cinema Scenes

There are several options for this and all of them are for advertising in the lobby at high traffic areas.

~ Vertical 52 inch LCD screen to display your book trailer. Bluetooth is available if you want the reader to download content or coupons.

~ Digital kiosk will have even more customer interaction with touch screens.

~ Video billboard with your book cover made of an eye-catching 3D hologram.

~ 3-D display with a 52 inch horizontal LCD screen that is clear and bright to catch anyone’s attention.

Lobby Promotions

~ Box office handouts, flyer, or coupons

~ Branded popcorn bags or soda cups

~ Kids meal packs where you will have a cardboard advertisement next to their soda and popcorn

~ 3-D ceiling danglers

~ Movie size posters

~ Standing cutouts placed at the concession stand

~ Counter cards placed at the concession stand

~ Custom theater sweepstakes or contests

~ Lobby demos where you can make a guest appearance

Moviegoer Facts:

~ 92% of moviegoers notice posters and displays in the lobby.

~ The average house hold income of the moviegoers is $83,700. (They can afford to buy books as well.)

~ 69% of dedicated TV watchers go to the movies on the weekends.

~ More people go to the movies than attend Theme Parks and Sporting Events combined.

~ Going to the movies isAmerica’s number one leisure activity.

~ 96% of moviegoers bring at least one other person with them.

~ 16% of moviegoers shop either just before, or just after the movie.

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  1. Any idea at all what some of these things cost? Just a ballpark figure?

  2. Ron Knight says:

    Hey Janet. I put the link to one of the companies that does that. I did see a package low as $50.