UP Authors BEST PHOTO Winner!

Tracey H KittsUP Authors BEST PHOTO Winner!

Tracey H. Kitts



February 21st, 2013

Tracey H. Kitts won BEST PHOTO in the UP Authors Erotic/Romance Contest!

Interview with Tracey H. Kitts:

UP: How did the idea for the photo come up? Who took the picture?

TK: I took the photo myself. I was just sitting in my writing chair (in front of the computer), picked up the camera and bam. No major planning. I chose the background image because it is the same one I used on the cover of Red. I thought it was appropriate and fun.

UP: In what ways do you influence others with your writing?

TK: I hope that I inspire them and relieve some of the stress from their lives. I’d like to offer people an escape when they need it.

UP: You’ve mentioned having a “warped perspective.” Give us an example of what you mean.

TK: I actually think the Joker is funny. If you’re trying to sum up my sense of humor, that’s it. My nickname for many years was/is Joker.

UP: Why did you decide to mix paranormal, sci-fi, and romance together?

TK: Because it’s awesome. Ha. Ha. Seriously, that’s what I love. I write what is in my heart and what I truly enjoy.

UP: The cover of Bitten is very intriguing. How much of the design was your idea?

TK: I designed the entire cover myself. I used photos from hotdamnstock.com and bigstock.com.

UP: Why are vampires sexy?

TK: Hmmm. I’m not sure I can sum this up easily, but tall, dark, and immortal sounds pretty good to me. I think growing older (possibly wiser) without the suffering of actually aging sounds nice. And of course there is the possibility of eternal love. Those are wonderful fantasies.

UP: When you were young, did you write stories and show your friends?

TK: Constantly. I remember writing my first stories in elementary school. The oldest story, which I no longer have, was about a unicorn that I found with my cousin Jamie.

UP: Why do your characters seem so real? What is your trick?

TK: I think of them as real people. I think what I would say if I were in their place and that’s how I write my dialogue. I want to make reactions realistic to the circumstances they are in.

UP: Which is the best Harry Potter movie?

TK: The very first one, when the magic was still new, before they had a chance to butcher the rest.

UP: How has Facebook changed the way you market books?

TK: I’ve never had a big budget to advertise. So, I suppose Facebook has changed things for me in that my friends help me spread the word when I post news about my books. I like to think that if my books weren’t entertaining, no one would “share” the news. Every time I get a “share” I smile.

UP: Your birthday is on April 26th. Who else that you know has a birthday on April 26th?

TK: My husband and I have the same birthday. He is one year older than me. When we first met, he asked when my birthday was; I thought he was teasing me when he said his was the same date.

UP: We heard through the grapevine that you are working on an erotic horror novel. Is that true? If so, can you tell us a little about it?

TK: I’m keeping the title and the actual content of this one pretty hushed. I can say that it is different than anything I have ever written before. It is much darker, more frightening, and still deeply sexual. Oh, and there will be vampires.

UP: Do you have some advice for new writers?

UP Authors Award 2013TK: If you love what you are doing (writing), don’t let anyone or anything take it away from you. Your sanity may depend on it.

“Tracey H. Kitts has more surprises than a six-pack of erotic writers combined!” ~ UP Authors

For more on Tracey H. Kitts, visit: http://www.traceyhkitts.com/


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