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Untraditional Publishing ™ is for authors that think beyond traditional and self-publishing. Here is an idea with variations added to assist you in writing and marketing books using Untraditional methods.

Combining books and music is becoming more popular and I believe will be linked together in the next few years. James Patterson released a soundtrack for one of his books. Jeffery Deaver used a singer as a character, then created music videos based on that character. Several heavy metal bands are developing graphic novels to go along with their music.

Music/Book Idea

Write a book based on a song by your favorite band or singer. Then, send the book to the band/singer along with a note, “I was so inspired by your song, I wrote an entire book about it!”

HINT: Use a band/singer that is popular, but needs a marketing idea, because they are quickly fading from the public eye.

What could happen? The band or singer may be so impressed with your dedication to their music, they will sell your book along with their song. At the very least, you will have a book that no one else has written or thought of.

Careful! Do not use song lyrics without their permission! However, you can write about anything that is based on their songs, or even their group.

Music/Book Idea: Variation

Use the same idea, but write a book with each chapter title being the same as several songs created by the band/singer. (Rather than writing an entire book for each song.)

HINT: Make sure you tie in each chapter with the theme of the song. You may think that will be difficult, but you are an Untraditional author, so nothing is impossible.

What could happen? They may add your book to their collection of t-shirts, posters, cups, and other ancillary products. But no matter what, you will have a unique book that no other author has thought of writing. (Even if several authors use this idea, what are the chances they use the same band?)

Music/Book Idea: Variation

Write short stories for several music groups and put in one book collection. Send out a copy of the book to all the groups.

HINT: Use a theme of groups. For example, make sure all the groups are pop, or rock, or country. Do not use a rap artist for one chapter and an opera singer for another chapter. Their fan base is completely different.

What could happen? If you wrote twenty short stories and sent out to twenty bands, half of them may respond and sell your book with their merchandise. Then later, the other half will get on board.

Music/Book Idea: Variation

Write a book based on a song by a local band or singer and sell/promote together.

HINT: Do your research and look for a band or singer that will seem fun to work with.

What could happen? You could end up using several of their songs and develop a soundtrack for your book that you both can sell. Also, you now have music for your next book trailer!

You are going to see more authors working with musicians in the future, so you might as well get a head start on authors that will dismiss these ideas as unrealistic, or too difficult. Nevertheless, you are Untraditional, so go for it…

Ron Knight


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