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The Devil Made Me Do ItUP Authors Best Chapter Winner!

The Devil Made Me Do It, by Amelia James


February 19th, 2013 

The Devil Made Me Do It, by Amelia James won BEST CHAPTER in the UP Authors Erotic/Romance Contest!

Interview with Amelia James:

UP: Your first chapter really captivated us at UP Authors. How many redrafts did you write to make it perfect?

AJ: I lost count. I originally wrote the story 10 years ago, so it’s been through several rewrites and at least two professional edits.

UP: Where did you get the idea for, The Devil Made Me Do It?

AJ: Many women, including me, were taught that our sexuality is something to be ashamed of or kept secret. I wrote these stories to do away with the idea that a woman needs someone else to blame (i.e. the ‘devil’), so she can’t be held responsible when she liked sex or wanted to explore her sexual nature.

UP: You first started reading erotic romances as a teen. How did that happen?

AJ: I read fairy tales and mythology as a kid, so after I’d read through my school library’s collection, I discovered the Harlequin romances on the shelves. I got hooked.

UP: What was it like to be published in Playgirl?

AJ: Disappointing. It was my first experience publishing anything, and I sold the rights without understanding what that meant. I had no input in the editing process, so I barely recognized my story after it was published.

UP: How do you transfer your daydreams to dirty stories in a novel?

AJ: Just write down the scenario and then play ‘what if?’ I always end up in some interesting, er, positions.

UP: How would you describe a “Kick-Butt Chick?”

AJ: A woman who can think for herself. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5), Aeryn Sun (Farscape). Sci-fi and fantasy have some great strong female characters.

UP: What is your favorite muscle car?

AJ: 1968 Ford Mustang, but I also lust after the new Chevy Camero.

UP: How do you feel about being labeled, “A trashy writer?”

AJ: I chose the label, so I love it. Most people I know, including my mother, think romance novels are trash so by calling myself a trashy writer, I’ve taken the stigma away, at least in my mind.

UP: What is your main goal for your readers?

AJ: To leave them satisfied and yet craving more. 😉

UP: Describe your reading target audience.

AJ: People (not just women) who enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

UP: Would you say that you are story driven, or character drive?

AJ: Definitely character driven. I have to know who my characters are before I can tell their stories.

UP: You were quoted as saying that you would have, ‘tends to daydream’ written on your tombstone. Is that true?

AJ: My third grade teacher wrote ‘tends to daydream’ on my report card. I’ve been daydreaming as long as I can remember and now I make my living doing it. I can’t imagine anything better.

UP: What advice do you have for erotic authors just starting out?

AJ: Know your characters. When writing sex, write the sensations along with the mechanics. Never stop learning.

UP Authors Award 2013The Devil Made Me Do It by Amelia James is something you should not read if you have to work the next day!” ~ UP Authors

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