Top Selling Genre of eBooks


Selling eBooks can be difficult, because only 6% of avid readers prefer eBooks over printed books. However, there’s a still a market for the books listed below.

Where are you on this list?

What fiction eBooks sell the best? Here’s the list based on a 130,000 authors and publishers…

  1. Romance (What can everyone learn from romance authors? See below!)
  2. Erotica
  3. Fantasy
  4. Young Adult/Teen
  5. Science Fiction
  6. Gay/Lesbian Fiction
  7. Thriller/Suspense
  8. Historical
  9. Adventure
  10. Horror
  11. Literature
  12. Women’s Fiction
  13. African American Fiction
  14. Christian
  15. Children’s Books
  16. Anthologies
  17. Comedy

Romance Facts

Not only is Romance number 1, but it dominates 73% of the market with 8 of the top 10 best sellers in the romance genre. The question is…WHY?

  • People who read romance usually read a book a day. They are loyal and purchase hundreds of books a year.
  • Romance authors are the best at marketing. They usually offer free books for the first part of the series to get a reader hooked.
  • Romance book covers are for a niche audience.
  • There’s plenty of new books from romance authors.
  • Romance authors offer box sets. (Yes, you can have eBook box sets.)
  • Romance authors have the most clubs, organizations, and conferences.

If you want to start writing in the romance genre, here are the top best categories:

  1. Erotica
  2. Paranormal
  3. Young Adult Romance
  4. Historical
  5. Suspense

If you do not write in the romance genre, you still can learn from how those authors market books and build your own platform!

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