Top Genre for Non-Fiction eBooks

Blog PicNon-Fiction has a much better shot of selling in eBook format over fiction books. There still is a large platform of readers who prefer printed books, but digital is a great way to build on that platform.

Where is your book on this list?

Which Non-Fiction eBooks sells the best? Here’s the list based on a 130,000 authors and publishers…

  1. Self-Improvement
  2. Health
  3. Business
  4. Religion/Spiritual
  5. Family
  6. Sports/Outdoor
  7. Education/Study Guide
  8. History
  9. Home & Garden
  10. New Age
  11. Travel
  12. Sex/Relationships
  13. Psychology
  14. Cooking
  15. Computers
  16. Reference

Bonus: Best eBook Price Points

Here’s a list of eBooks that are downloaded the most based on the price.

  1. $3.00-$3.99
  2. $4.00-$4.99
  3. $0.00-$0.99
  4. $2.00-$2.99
  5. $5.00-$5.99

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