It could be tomorrow when your life suddenly changes. Writing is a craft that has to be learned, developed, and polished. Authors have to work their way up the ladder, as any other profession.

You may have been trying for many years, but do not see results. I disagree. Look back at what you have done. It’s not easy to write a book. It’s not easy to show others your work. It’s not easy to market, network, and commit to so much time on a leap of faith.

There is a difference between a writer and an author. A writer creates words. An author turns those words into a magnificent story. If you were an author yesterday and an author today, then I’m certain that you will be an author tomorrow.

So it’s not a leap of faith, but rather a God given talent that you must use.

What have you done today, to make sure your dreams will come true tomorrow? Have you worked on the mechanics of your manuscript? Did you read today? Network with others in the publishing industry? Market the best you can? Learn how to polish your book and apply that in your writing?

Authors are for the most part alone. No one will write that book for you. No one will decide that you need to read today. No one can force you to polish your manuscript. No one can learn the publishing industry for you. No one will commit to marketing like you can. No one will believe more in your work, than you.

Sometimes it feels like no one understands what you are doing. Then tomorrow, you discover that family and friends are noticing your efforts. The next day, more support comes from an unlikely source. You discover there are other authors going through the same things you are.

Suddenly, you are alone in writing, but not alone as an author.

You want to thrive, rather than survive. However, you discover the publishing industry is hard. Literary agents and publishers want perfection in manuscripts. You just want to write an entertaining story, but that does not seem to be enough.

Take a deep breath, narrow your eyes, and smile at the difficult road. You want the publishing industry to be hard on authors, so only those who sacrifice daily to achieve success, will be permitted inside. It wasn’t easy writing that book and it will be even more difficult to sell it. “Good,” you say. “If this were easy, then I would not love it so much.”

As you continue to learn, read, and write, you will change. I know in my heart that you will build towards a career that is filled with rewards. At that point, you will not settle, but continue building.

The first book you write is not the one. Neither is the second or third. The only way to discover which manuscript is the one that will change your life, is to keep writing another.

Nevertheless, during that journey, your life has been changed. There have been small victories that you may not have noticed. Please take this moment to look back at where you are today as an author and where you were ten years ago.

Then I want you to look at tomorrow and ten years from now. Your accomplishments will increase. You aren’t dreaming big enough, because success has no boundaries or limits.

So dream bigger. Read, write, and market. Do this knowing that you have a purpose in this world.

Doing ten re-drafts on your manuscript will improve it, only if you know how to improve your work. Learn from the best, because writing a great book has not changed in a 100 years. You are not trying to discover a new world, but rather join that world and offer a new story.

Not only do you need faith in yourself, but you need to speak faithful words. You need to proclaim to all who will listen that you are an author. Then, you need to show that faith by what you do each day. Reading, writing, connecting with others. Don’t just talk about your dreams, live them.

There are thousands and thousands of writers. Authors who have been around for years and selling millions of books, will sell millions more over the next twenty years. But no one can write like you can. Not one author on this planet can tell a story like you.

You will have humbling days. Authors do not make money early in their careers. However, authors would rather be poor, than not write. Authors that think this way, will have opportunities like no others.

Bouncing back and shaking off the disappointments are tough, but as you have proclaimed, it has to be hard, or you would not love it so much. All things will work together for your good. Someone will cross your path that will change your life.

You cannot find that person, unless you are looking.

What if you did not write today? Then tomorrow, there is no possible way that anyone can read your words. Therefore, you will read today. You will write today. You will market yourself today.

Because tomorrow will arrive.

There are so many “rules” to writing, but you will learn them all. There are so many “rules” to marketing, but you will learn each one. There are so many “rules” to submitting your work, but you will learn how. Meanwhile, you will write, because that is what you do best. The rest can be learned.

Make the decision to be joyful as an author today, so the decision to be happy tomorrow, will be much easier.

Work on being an author, about as hard as you have worked on anything in your life. Listen to the advice of those who have been there before you. Read that book today. Be obsessed in improving your writing, both in storytelling and mechanics. Learn ways to promote yourself. Help others do the same. Encourage other authors who are thinking about giving up. Be there for them, now, and when your name appears on the bestsellers list.

Today is one of the greatest days of your life.

Tomorrow, it’s only going to get better….

Ron Knight

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  1. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!