To Christmas, From Author

Dear Christmas: 

I know that you only come once a year. It is a time for giving and receiving, new starts and remembering how much love we have inside of us. There is a wish that has been plaguing my heart for many years. I say plaguing, because it seems that my wish will not come true. 

There is a gift I want. A gift I think about daily. It is a dream that was placed gently into my heart. 

I want to be an author. 

I am asking for the whole experience; to be with a traditional publisher, writing for a living, my books sold to millions of readers, going on book tours, and doing interviews.  

I understand that this request does come at a cost. I must excel in reading other books. My writing in both storytelling and mechanics must be brilliant. The research on how the publishing industry works should be extensive on my part. Opportunity for improvment is what I seek.

In the past Christmas’s, I have felt humbled. There have been days when the burdens of my life have threatened to steal the joy from my heart. Only once have I uttered the words, “I give up. I’ll never make it as a writer.” A few seconds later, I was ashamed. I vowed to never speak those words again. 

I believe it would be a dishonor for the world not to read my books. I also believe that any gift should not be wasted. My experiences, good and bad, will be of value to my craft. The only person that can stop me from this dream…is me. 

This Christmas, I ask for the strength and wisdom to succeed. I want to earn my Christmas gift and do something everyday to take another step closer to my desire. I promise to learn, adjust, and learn some more so that I will improve. 

Looking back at the last five Christmas’s, I have done so much. Looking ahead, I want to do even more. It does not matter if my big break is just a few months or a few years away. I should proceed as if my gift will arrive soon enough. 

What I have learned as an author, I promise to share with others. I have been shown the road and journey to success. I will not let someone else go through all the pain I had to endure. That is my gift to others. 

If my dream is not to come true this Christmas, then I respectfully ask for another gift…patience. Endurance, persistence, fortitude, tolerance, lack of complaining, and serenity, are the traits of any great author. Please show me how to do all of these things.

Perhaps a gift I could give to myself is the power of belief. This year, I need faith more than ever before. I need to believe that I can stand tall next to other great authors. I need to believe that I can turn a blank page into an unforgettable and compelling tale. 

This Christmas, I need to believe in myself. 

If you tell me that I have yet to gain the sufficient knowledge and skills needed to have a career as an author, I will not complain. In fact, I thank you for your honesty. My days of reading, writing, and researching my craft, will continue until my last breath. Every word that I write, every sentence that I speak, I will do with boldness, sincerity, and enthusiasm. 

My readers will always come before my own needs. The characters in my novel will tell the story. I am not worried about someone else having a similar idea as I have, because no one in the world can write like I can. No one else can understand the needs and delight of my characters. 

The slower the publishing process, the more books I will have time to write. The more time I have write, the better I can improve. It would be insulting to the spirit of Christmas, for me to give up now. 

I will read everyday, even if is just for a minute. I will write when the ideas are building in my mind, rather than pushing the story. I am not traditional…I am Untraditional

Not one idea for a book or story will travel with me to the grave. If I can imagine it, I will write it without delay. I will place value on each moment, never to waste a single thought. Publishers are not giving me greatness, I am giving them greatness! 

My success will not be measured by how many books I write or how much money I have earned, but rather how many days I have spent as an author. 

Maybe this Christmas or maybe the next, my gift will arrive, wrapped in a dream. Until then, I thank God for today…this moment. 

Sincerely and Yours Truly, 


“Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall be changed, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye…” 1st Corinthians 15:51

 Ron Knight

Ron Knight

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