Three Types of Publishing

Both traditional publishing and self-publishing have value to authors. In fact, there are still wonderful debates on which path the author should take. Bloggers like to compare both, giving the pro’s and con’s, but let the author decide on which choice is best for them.

If you understand that the purpose of publishing is to offer ways to manufacture and package books, then the power will be shifted to you. The more you control, the more influence you will have on your own career.

What about a third option…Untraditional Publishing?

Here is the definition of Untraditional Publishing: Alternative literary principles for authors based on confidence, knowledge, self-discovery, experience, and relationship marketing, placing the author in a position to succeed while generating the opportunity to sell books.

Let’s break that definition into pieces to better understand its meaning.

~ Alternative literary principles for authors is simply stating that for the moment, you are not going to risk your entire career by limiting your options to self-publishing or traditional publishing. Instead, you will create opportunities with all the resources that are available to you in EVERY industry.

~ You need confidence to last through the humbling moments of being an author, so that you are always inspired to continue with your writing.

~ Knowledge is the awareness and understanding of how to excel as an author. The bulk of this knowledge focuses on excelling in storytelling, writing mechanics, and key factors to transform you into a successful author.

~ Self-Discovery is what really separates Untraditional Publishing from what millions of authors are doing. You must learn to use every gift, talent, and resource that you possess. Then, you need to stretch farther and improve those gifts, talents, and resources. Self-Discovery generates ideas, which creates opportunities for you to propel your career to the highest level.

~ Experience occurs when you apply both guidance and knowledge to the craft of writing. Experience gives you credibility in the genre that you are writing. You are an expert that benefits your readers.

~ An author that is placed in a position to succeed will have advantages over authors that are counting solely on traditional publishing, or self-publishing for success.

~ Relationship marketing is building a fan base by connecting with your target audience, along with all publishing and business prospects. The key to relationship marketing is benefiting others to bring you success.

~ All of this leads to the opportunity to sell books.

Keep in mind that Untraditional Publishing will build your author career productively. If Untraditional Publishing is done correctly, you will be in a position for long-term success and create more options for your career as an author.

Untraditional Publishing creates INDEPENDENT authors; rather than authors that are dependant.

Ron Knight

Untraditional Publishing will show you ways to build Author Confidence, increase your Author Knowledge, provide Author Self-Discovery, help authors gain Experience, and put authors in a position to succeed.

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