The Prize Fruit of Successful Book Sales

SaleSelling a product is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Selling books is even more difficult. If you’re selling eBooks as opposed to printed books, then your job is downright challenging.

Here’s some good news, especially for authors.

Selling is the only profession in which you can have limited skills, yet achieve great wealth.

There’s never been a point in history where you have the best chance to achieve financial success by selling books than right now.

Your New Sales Approach

Step One: Answer these three questions.

“What can you, and only you, do better than all other authors?”

“What major problem does your book solve?”

“What is the one thing in your book people will talk about the most?”

Step Two: Every social media post your write, every blog, every postcard you send, every person you speak with, every Tweet, every video, should involve how you answered the above three questions, using a story driven format.

Share Your Stories

Share stories to show your uniqueness.

Share stories of how your book solves a specific problem.

Share stories of the one thing that people will talk about the most.

Actually, since storytelling is the best way to sell a product, you have an advantage over all other sales and marketing professionals!

Here’s what actor Kevin Spacey says about this process, “Good content marketing is not a crapshoot. It has always been about the story. They want stories. They’re dying for it. They are rooting for us to give them something to talk about, to carry it with them on the bus and to the hairdresser, to Tweet, and Facebook. All we have to do is give it to them. The prize fruit is shinier, juicer, than ever before.”

The prize fruit is your successful book sales. Your story is what people are dying to talk about…give it to them.

Ron Knight

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