Behind the Scenes: Evolved Publishing

"UP Authors turns the spotlight on Evolved Publishing, an emerging alternative for authors!" Publishing Spotlight: Evolved Publishing It can be difficult, if not impossible, to find the right publisher. I want to introduce to you one of the up and coming small press publishers in the country. Let’s meet the management team at Evolved Publishing: Lane Diamond – Co-Founder, Managing Publisher/Editor, Author D.T. Conklin – Co-Founder, IT … [Read more...]

Are You UP for This Challenge?

UP Authors Fiction Challenge 3516 N. Lockwood Ridge Road Sarasota, FL, 34234 941-799-9079 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 18th, 2013 UP Authors announces their first cash prize FICTION CHALLENGE!  Over the years, UP Authors had run several different types of contests to give authors every possibility to be promoted and win awards to show off to their fans. But now, UP Authors are raising it to another level by … [Read more...]

Why Are Authors Rejected?

I absolutely hate the title of this blog, because it focuses on shortcomings, rather than focusing on an author’s gift and talents. Nothing about this blog title is uplifting at all. In fact, I should have changed it to, “Why Are Authors Accepted?” In the world of publishing, the focus is all wrong and I am part of the problem. Of all the blogs that I have written over the years, I would say that 80% are about fixing common and even complex … [Read more...]

Unique Writing & Marketing Ideas For Authors

Untraditional Publishing ™ is for authors that think beyond traditional and self-publishing. Here is an idea with variations added to assist you in writing and marketing books using Untraditional methods. Combining books and music is becoming more popular and I believe will be linked together in the next few years. James Patterson released a soundtrack for one of his books. Jeffery Deaver used a singer as a character, then created music videos … [Read more...]

Take it like an Author

In 1995, I showed a publishing lawyer out of New York my first novel. He had a condo just a stones throw away from Stephen King's Florida home. Also, he helped Stephen King in the early years. This was the kind of person that could make an authors career! However, the publishing lawyer handed my manuscript back and said, "Keep trying." That was it. His words of wisdom were to, "Keep trying." I just said thank you and went on my … [Read more...]