110 Tips for Authors: 11-20

Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on! 11: You should have a book with you at all times and read whenever you have a lull. You can read for just 9 minutes a day and improve your chances of wealth by achieving unique ideas to write and market books! Don't forget the 9 Minute Reading Challenge and receive FREE promotion! 12: Think about how you publish books and consider something that no one else is doing. … [Read more...]

Comparing Readers in Different Cities

Let’s focus on one city that has millions of YOUR readers. Here are the deciding factors: ~ The city has a large population of readers that enjoy your type of storylines and characters. These cities are researched based on average age, social trends, behaviors, and ethnicity. ~ The city has a high education rate. Research has shown that well-educated people will purchase 24% more books and read 20-25 new books each year. ~ The city has a … [Read more...]

Book Marketing: Reality & Fiction

John Hayes of Carnegie Mellon did a study on why certain writers of classical music became successful and why others failed. ~ Talented writers that failed had worked extremely hard, but worked on the wrong things. ~ Talented writers transformed into mediocre writers when their work ethic was to do things the most pleasant way. The writers preferred the easier path with the least amount of effort, least amount of time, and least amount of … [Read more...]

10 Bookstores for Self-Published Authors

There’s been a high demand for self-published authors to get into bookstores. Here’s a list to get you started. Barnes & Noble Stores Summary: Let’s start with the longshot. There’s over 100,000 submissions each year, but if you follow their guidelines, it’s worth the chance. Website: http://www.barnesandnobleinc.com/for_authors/how_to_work_with_bn/how_to_work_with_bn.html Watermark Books Summary: According to the owner, Sarah … [Read more...]


Every year I do a top 100 list of authors that I’ve noticed on Facebook. The list included authors that did something to catch my attention and the author always seemed to be promoting in a way to benefit readers and help other authors. Instead of doing this once a year, I decided to do this once a month! However, I’m not going to list 100 authors. Instead, I’m going to do 9 authors a month. (Why 9? I have my reasons.) Remember that I have … [Read more...]