A New Breed of Author

The way an author manages his/her career has changed drastically. The author has to be much more than a great writer. Below is a list of what the New Breed of Author must become…   Social Networking   Description: Includes making five posts a day, reaching target audience, networking with those in the publishing industry, building a fan base, and selling books.   ~ Facebook Profile ~ Facebook Fan Page ~ … [Read more...]

Help for Struggling Young Readers

Struggling Readers  Understanding the Struggling Reader Testing Struggling Readers Solution Results Understanding the Struggling Reader  Struggling readers in fourth and fifth grades, middle school, and high school students, can become talented authors, musicians, artists, or product designers for major corporations. Their imagination is more powerful than what they are reading in books. It is difficult to keep imaginative minds … [Read more...]

Author Book Trailers & Videos

Book Trailers and Videos are great ways to promote an authors work, just like any other industry, but only if the author does this correctly.  Below, I will give you some tips from two professionals in the marketing, video, and photography business.    ~ Nelson Photographers, Boca Grande, FL  www.nelsonvideos.com  ~ Brand Eleven Eleven, Sarasota, FL www.brand1111.com  Two-Minute Rule  No video should go over two minutes. … [Read more...]

New Kind of Publisher for Young Readers

Welcome to UP-Teen Publishing! We are different from any other publisher in the world and more advanced in several areas. I think if you meet some of our staff, you will see why UP-Teen Publishing is so unique.  Submissions Manager: Jessica Filman, Junior at Millington High School.  Submission Review Team: Children’s Books  Devin (3rd Grade) Rashel (3rd Grade) Jesscia (4th Grade) Dylan, Group Leader (5th Grade)  Submission … [Read more...]

Ron Knight & David Earl: Fall School Tour

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