Building Author Success

When self-publishing arrived, it gave authors more control. However, authors didn’t realize that they were still in the publishing industry, which means, there's a business that needs to be run. Broken Rule Number One: Marketing for Free The self-published author already spent time and money on their book. They certainly don’t have extra funds to spend on marketing. So the author needed to find a free marketing approach. This tactic became … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Sell Books

Marketing experts tell you to get a website, then you will sell lots of books. So you invest in a website, make it as special as possible, then release it to the world. What happens? Nothing. Then you’re told to start blogging three times a week, use search engine optimization, which will drive traffic to your website, then eventually sell books. So instead of writing books, you’re writing blogs. You wait for book sales, … [Read more...]

Why did self-publishing drop 46%?

Over the years, people have claimed that traditional publishing is a dinosaur, eBooks are the future, and self-publishing is taking over. However, the facts don’t support those theories. Before moving on, the purpose of any blog on UP Authors is to help you make decisions and move forward productively. We don’t guess at UP Authors, nor do we give you our opinion. We stick with reality and leave the fiction to the writing of … [Read more...]

Author Dream Team

Networking in the publishing industry is certainly a way to meet the right people who can propel your career to the next level. But if you are an Untraditional author and want to have more control over your career, I suggest forming a dream team. Your dream team should consist of four people: ~ You (Author) ~ Musician ~ Actor ~ Artist It would be best if the four of you are all on the same level. For example, all of you have … [Read more...]

Finding Readers Using Facebook

What is your best approach to attract readers via Facebook? The answer to that question is already wrong, because the question is wrong. What you should ask yourself is, “What do readers think is the best approach to buy from an author on Facebook?” Let’s compare what authors are doing to attract readers and what readers actually want from authors: Wall Posts ~ 57% of authors will use daily wall posts to attract readers. ~ 18% of … [Read more...]