Untraditional Publishing is Born!

(This was my very first blog, back in Oct of 2009. See if it relates, now 6 and half years later.) Do you remember the days when authors used to write a book, do several redrafts, research literary agents, write query letters, write a synopsis of the book, write an outline, and write chapter samples? By this time, the author’s book was polished. This process also helped the author discover their market. A polished book and established market is … [Read more...]

Building Author Success

When self-publishing arrived, it gave authors more control. However, authors didn’t realize that they were still in the publishing industry, which means, there's a business that needs to be run. Broken Rule Number One: Marketing for Free The self-published author already spent time and money on their book. They certainly don’t have extra funds to spend on marketing. So the author needed to find a free marketing approach. This tactic became … [Read more...]

Marketing Books

Did you know that 40% of self-published authors have been writing books for 10 years or more? Did you know that traditional publishing has been around for 90 years? The top 6 traditional publishing houses control 98% of the market. This means that millions of self-published authors, along with midlist authors and small publishing houses are battling for that 2%. The key to a self-published author being successful in marketing is doing … [Read more...]

Which is Better: Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?

Traditional publishing has a marketing plan that they’ve been using for 90 years. They invest their marketing dollars in specific areas and will continue to stick with that trend. Marketing the Traditional Way: ~ Target Market Research ~ Book Conferences ~ Events ~ Book Signings ~ Placement of books in big box stores ~ Placement in bookstores, both chain and local (Especially bookstores that report numbers to the New York … [Read more...]

Why did self-publishing drop 46%?

Over the years, people have claimed that traditional publishing is a dinosaur, eBooks are the future, and self-publishing is taking over. However, the facts don’t support those theories. Before moving on, the purpose of any blog on UP Authors is to help you make decisions and move forward productively. We don’t guess at UP Authors, nor do we give you our opinion. We stick with reality and leave the fiction to the writing of … [Read more...]