A New Breed of Author

The way an author manages his/her career has changed drastically. The author has to be much more than a great writer. Below is a list of what the New Breed of Author must become…   Social Networking   Description: Includes making five posts a day, reaching target audience, networking with those in the publishing industry, building a fan base, and selling books.   ~ Facebook Profile ~ Facebook Fan Page ~ … [Read more...]

Becoming a Rich Author

Do you understand the difficulty it is for actors to make millions of dollars? How about the difficulty of trying to become an NFL player? A CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Or the difficulty of earning millions as an author? Sure, it will be challenging. That’s why only 2% of authors have comfortable careers and less than 1% are millionaires. Do you want to become part of the elite? Here is your path. I must warn you, it will seem impossible. … [Read more...]

Authors Elevator Pitch

At the FPRA workshop, Erin McLeod led three classes on creating your elevator pitch. Erin is the Chief Operating Officer for Senior Friendship Centers, Inc., serving six counties in Southwest Florida. She holds a degree in public relations and public speaking from the University of Florida, with intensive coursework in nonprofit management. Erin’s philosophy on today’s elevator pitch covers three main … [Read more...]

Make Contact

  I rarely discuss what I do during the day in this blog. However, I think it is important for this example to understand how to build your author career. Here is what I did over the last two days. Tuesday My new book, Middle Room, was released. The target audience is tweens. (Fifth through eighth graders. Fourth graders are a possibility as well, because it is late in the school year.) I had a speaking engagement at an … [Read more...]

Public Speaking and Writing: The Same Process

I’ve crashed and burned in a few speaking engagements. If you think about it, the real fear of public speaking is not that you are terrified of going in front of thirty people or even three hundred. The true fear is if you fail in front of everyone. When that happens, you have no place to hide. Should being an author have the same kind of impact? There are authors who will not stand in front of an audience, fearing that the speech will not be … [Read more...]