Selling Books, Part Three: Building Loyal Fans

There are established authors with publishing houses that have time, money, and influence. If you are a self-motivated author, (self-published) or you are an author at a small traditional house, then how can you compete against the big guns? Remember that the large publishing houses are purchasing shelf space in bookstores and in the mass-market. They are spending $50,000 a month on their top 1% authors. They have staff members that work on … [Read more...]

Problem With Young Adult Books?

The New York Times discussed how “Dark” young adult novels have become and that they were “rife with depravity” and “so dark that kidnapping and pederasty and incest and brutal beatings are now just part of the run of things.” This caused a huge battle-type discussion on why young adult fiction is really "Saving lives" for tweens and teens. Young Adult Authors also defended this notion by claiming their readers can learn from their books. … [Read more...]

Black & White Fiction

(I wrote this blog a year ago and had seen some changes with how authors are being placed in the bookstores. Read the blog from July of 2010 and then read the changes that have occurred over the last eleven months.) Before I say another word, let me tell you how hard it is for me to write this blog. I am a white fiction author, discussing a possible concern that involves black fiction authors. This is about as far out a person can stick their … [Read more...]

Authors Elevator Pitch

At the FPRA workshop, Erin McLeod led three classes on creating your elevator pitch. Erin is the Chief Operating Officer for Senior Friendship Centers, Inc., serving six counties in Southwest Florida. She holds a degree in public relations and public speaking from the University of Florida, with intensive coursework in nonprofit management. Erin’s philosophy on today’s elevator pitch covers three main … [Read more...]

Make Contact

  I rarely discuss what I do during the day in this blog. However, I think it is important for this example to understand how to build your author career. Here is what I did over the last two days. Tuesday My new book, Middle Room, was released. The target audience is tweens. (Fifth through eighth graders. Fourth graders are a possibility as well, because it is late in the school year.) I had a speaking engagement at an … [Read more...]