The Author Pitch: 5 Tips

Authors pitch their books to just about anyone who will listen, which includes readers, literary agents, editors, publishers, reviewers, ancillary partners, and maybe an investor. Showing your talent is certainly the best way to win over others, but first you have to get them to listen to you and look at your books. Your Author Pitch can be the difference between an average career, or a profitable career. Here are some tips: Twenty or … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Impress a Publisher

This is a behind the scenes look at Evolved Publishing and Part II in a five part series. In this interview, you will discover five ways to impress a publisher. Let’s once again meet the team at EP: Lane Diamond – Co-Founder, Managing Publisher/Editor, Author D.T. Conklin – Co-Founder, IT Manager, Editor, Author Emlyn Chand – Marketing Director, Author Eric Pinder – Executive Editor, Author Evolved Publishing Info: … [Read more...]

Tax Tips For Authors

If you are pursuing a career as an author and it is not a hobby, then you can write certain expenses off your taxes. Basic Office Supplies: Pencils, pens, printer paper, ink, notebooks, paper clips, staples, etc… Do not write off your kid’s schools supplies. Office Equipment: Laptop, computer, printer, fax machine, flash-drive. Postage: Stamps, shipping, shipping supplies. Research: Magazines, books, dictionaries, thesaurus, trade … [Read more...]

What Everyone Really Thinks in Publishing

(This is one of my most favorite blogs. I’m reposting for those that might not had a chance to read it last year.)  In order to gain experience, I think it is important for you to understand the true feelings of a large traditional publisher, a mid-size traditional publisher, a self-publisher, literary agent, bookstore manager, and the eBook craze.  You are invited to the Fictitious Writing Conference! Our panel today includes Mr. Big Six, … [Read more...]

10 Things the Publishing Industry Should Do Away With

When I say “Publishing Industry,” I do not mean just publishers. I’m talking about authors, literary agents, editors, publicists, publishing lawyers, bookstores, distribution companies, and even the readers. Anyone that is connected to books. Publishers and agents should do away with asking an author to describe their book in one small paragraph. It is insane to tell authors that the agency or publisher is looking for something fresh, … [Read more...]