Interview with David Earl

“What is your definition of success?” My definition of success is being able to earn a living with my books and characters. “Why have you been given the gift of writing stories?” I don’t know why I can write stories the way I do, but I do believe that everyone has something they are naturally good at - I think writing is my thing. “How much time do you spend reading each day?" I don’t read each day; I read when the feeling hits me, and … [Read more...]

Public Relations for Authors

There is a difference between your marketing plan and your public relations plan. When you are an author, marketing focuses more on your target audience, what your fans want to read, how to locate and sell to those fans. PR is focused on building relationships, networking, getting you next to agents and publishers.  I look at it this way. Marketing concentrates on the overall plan. Public Relations concentrates on the details of that … [Read more...]

Quick Marketing Tips

“An original writer is not one who imitates nobody, but one whom nobody can imitate.” Francois-Rene, Vicomte de Chateaubriand   What is the purpose for marketing books and authors?   Know your customers. Find those customers. Reach the customers. Tell customers about your book. Convince the customer to purchase your book. Be able to explain to literary agents and traditional publishers who will purchase your book.  What are … [Read more...]

Bestseller vs Best Seller

There are two types of authors. First, there is the author who says, “I guarantee my book is going to be a bestseller.” The second type of author says, “I am going to be the best seller of my book.” Which type are you?  The fastest way to let someone in the publishing industry know that you are an amateur author is by telling them, “My book is going to be on the bestsellers list.” If you said this to a literary agent or written it in query … [Read more...]

Opportunities for Authors

One of the fastest ways to success or letting the world know what a talented author you are, is being aware of the opportunities that surround you. In fact, you have missed a pathway to your destiny by accident on several occasions. How about we make sure that never happens again. All authors start out with enthusiasm and confidence. (Or at least, motivated.) As the long hard road to having a career as an author is revealed, your enthusiasm … [Read more...]