Author Horoscope: Cancer

If you're an author born between June 22nd and July 22nd, you are kind, dependable, and sympathetic to others. Your writing reflects your natural instinct of wanting to cuddle your readers and take care of them. The patience in your writing, along with the concerns you raise, will attract large audiences who will look to you for reassurance and ways to forget their problems. In fact, your readers will view you as a problem solver. Because … [Read more...]

Game Changer for Authors

The information in this blog and the list provided is life changing. Do not dismiss the simple idea of short burst activities in order to succeed. Short burst activities help you consume different ideas. You then combine those ideas into something unique. Once you have ideas that no one else has, then you’re the one who receives the money! Unique ideas are developed in two ways: Creating something special that will benefit a certain … [Read more...]

Do This…Not This

“Wear the old coat and buy the new book.” ~ Austin Phelps. Authors have to make decisions every day that can swing the odds in their favor, or send them years away from success. It’s important for authors to make the correct choices and limit common mistakes. Do This…Not This: ~ Read a variety of books instead of watching a variety of television. ~ Write in quick bursting sessions rather than trying to find time to write for several … [Read more...]

110 Tips for Authors: 91-100

Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on! 91: On your email, setup the “signature” so it automatically shows the title of your book and where to purchase it. Also on your email signature you should have your Facebook and Twitter links. Email Signatures = Sales 92: Place other authors on your website and you on theirs. Sharing Fans = Sales. 93: Ask one of the local students who are aspiring to be a journalist to … [Read more...]

110 Tips for Authors: 31-40

Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? 31: Spend a few hours in the bookstore rather than spending a few hours in the mall. 32: Everything has to look fantastic. This includes your writing, your book covers, your website, your Facebook profile, your blogs, your photo, your attitude, the way you dress, bookmarks, and your flyers. Spend the extra time to get it right. 33: Use your unique talents instead focusing on … [Read more...]