Best Themes to Sell Books

Which theme best describes your book? Taboo: Forbidden, or not discussed openly. Unusual: Interesting, unique, different. Hilarious: Extremely amusing. Remarkable: Worthy of attention, beyond the normal. Secret: Not meant to be known or seen by others. Why were these themes chosen? Because they are the most used themes in marketing. If your book fits into one of those categories, then you’re well on your way to selling … [Read more...]

Three Key Selling Points for Books

There are two main ways authors sell books on Facebook. Here’s an example that has the least chance to sell books. It goes something like this… “I just released a new eBook on Amazon for $3.99! Pick up your copy today!” To better your chances, it should sound like this… “The planet is still under violent siege by ferocious animals. Humans are their desperate prey. Except some humans are evolving, mutating into a savage species that could … [Read more...]

AUTHORS: How do you become famous?

Right now you probably lack many things including time, money, and opportunities. Remember this key point: “Imagination is the one thing that will make up for everything you lack.” This means your powerful imagination will ignite during the reading of this blog and success will follow! To stimulate your imagination and increase amazing ideas to help your author career, read on! Top 20 Percent Before you spend another day as an author, … [Read more...]

12 Month Author Marketing Plan

If you’re sick of books and blogs that tell you how to write stories and you would rather have someone tell you how to sell books, then this is the place to be. 12 Month Author Marketing Plan is a step-by-step guide for the next year, giving you specific tips and ideas of how to sell books each month. By the end, you’ll have over 100 marketing ideas! There are several goals of this author marketing book: Becoming an author who will be … [Read more...]

Game Changer for Authors

The information in this blog and the list provided is life changing. Do not dismiss the simple idea of short burst activities in order to succeed. Short burst activities help you consume different ideas. You then combine those ideas into something unique. Once you have ideas that no one else has, then you’re the one who receives the money! Unique ideas are developed in two ways: Creating something special that will benefit a certain … [Read more...]