Selling to a Mass Audience

You were inspired to write a story. That inspiration turned into passion, followed by the willingness to fill many blank sheets of papers with your words. You could relate to all the characters, the plot, and the entire storyline. You are both pleased and proud of your effort. You feel blessed to be given such a perfect gift.  You are brave enough to show your closest family and friends. They enjoyed your book and encouraged you to write … [Read more...]

Greatest Testimonial Ever!

One day, you will write a book that is so amazing, someone will write a testimonial for you that equals your talent. Print this out and hang on your wall next to where you write, so you can be reminded what a great novel looks like.   “Riveting, juiced-up morality tale, predicted blockbuster success, cinematic hairsbreadth escapes, crosses, then double crosses, explosions, furious fisticuffs, careening plot twists, hearty serving of … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Self-Publishing

At a seminar on Feb 22nd, sponsored by Publishers Weekly and Digital Book World, the discussion of self-publishing came up. Basically, it was a panel of authors and “experts,” talking about how self-publishing actually hurts authors and the industry.  Author Jason Pinter had this to say, using a frustrated tone, “There’s a sense of people latching on to a couple of individuals who’ve found success and then those people get a lot of publicity. … [Read more...]

The New Gatekeeper for Authors

Once upon a time, the gatekeepers in the publishing world used to be editors, literary agents, and hired junior employees for the publishing houses. Not anymore. Authors have given up on the traditional approach and are doing everything themselves. Because of this, the publishing world now has a new gatekeeper…  Readers.  Unfortunately, readers are also in charge of the ever-popular slush pile. An average reader may go through hundreds of … [Read more...]