Successful Authors With Every New Sunrise

If every sunrise were the same, then we would only look once. But as we know, the appearance of the sunrise changes daily. Authors that can appreciate the ever-changing world will view each day as a chance for new opportunities. 

Success is defined as, “A favorable outcome, based on the accomplishments of service.”

An author is defined as, “An originator of ideas.”

So what is a successful author? “An originator of ideas, based on the accomplishments of service, providing a favorable outcome.”

With each new sunrise, implement the following ideas into your plan of author success:

~ Remember that you are serving others with your gift.

~ No matter what the circumstances, there is a strategy for every author to succeed. Keep looking. Continue trying new things.

~ Authors need to feel good about what they are doing, which will produce confidence, which will produce successful opportunities.

~ If you can add value to your readers, while providing a purpose for your books, then you are on the path to success.

~ Your mission as an author should take priority over profit. (Profits will be the result of completing your mission.)

~ Authors are not being asked to change the world. Authors are being asked to produce entertaining books.

~ Authors that base their decisions on giving, rather than taking, will succeed.

~ Authors that make a difference in the lives of readers will become significant to millions of readers.

~ As an author, you should not count on others for success. Literary agents and publishers should count on YOU for success.

~ What have you done today, in order to be a success tomorrow?

~ How have you helped someone else today?

~ There are a hundred little tasks that go along with being an author. Enjoy the opportunity to do those tasks, just as much as you enjoy writing books.

~ Understand that the world needs your gift.

~ The more odds stacked against an author, the more rewarding success will feel.

~ An author that has the ability to describe a new sunrise in vivid detail, has all the tools needed for success.

Tomorrow, as the sun rises on a new day, you will be encouraged to live with an abundance of opportunities, which will create success in you…and others.

Ron Knight

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