Successful Authors Have a Purpose

Hand Typing IIYou have a gift. It’s unique. There are millions of authors in this world, but no one can write like you. You bring meaning to others. You have something that will fill a void. You benefit readers.

You have a purpose.

Why is being an author so important? Because that is your purpose in life.

Why is writing everyday become an obsession? Because that is your purpose.

Why can’t you ever shut your mind off while you continually think about stories and characters? Because that is your purpose.

If you clearly understand this and persistently drive towards your author goals, success and happiness will be with you each and every day.

Authors that question their purpose, or their ability to succeed, eventually will fail. In fact, most authors fail simply because their purpose is not comprehensible in their heart, despite their gift of writing.

Do not fall into that trap. Today. Everyday. You are an author.

That is your purpose…

Ron Knight

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