Small Victories

Most authors have goals that reach past the moon and stars, into the next galaxy. I believe that is exactly what goals and dreams should look like. However, on the way, authors need small victories.

Everything you are about to read, could be your career as an author. Let me start with an ultimate dream and work backwords.

“My last ten books have become bestsellers and are hit movies. I’ve just signed a five-book contract for $250 million.”

Before this can happen, a small victory is needed. 

“I have six bestsellers to my name and one movie deal. My agent is working on a long term contract with my publisher with more guaranteed money. Until then, I’m working on my next book. I have recently earned my first million.”

Before that, was another small victory.

“I had my first bestseller and I’m starting to make the kind of money most authors only dream of. At this point, I may level off, but I’m hoping my books will continue to grow in popularity. After everyone gets paid, my royalty checks are around $150,000, which I receive twice a year.”

Before that happened, there was a small victory.

“Seven of my books have been published and sales are doing well. I’m earning about $100,000 a year.”

Before that happened, there was a small victory.

“I just published my second book, which is doing a lot better than my first. My agent, literary manager, and publicist, are all confident that greatness is in my future. However, I haven’t forgotten where I came from. Hard work is still ahead.”

Before that, a small victory happened.

“After writing twelve novels, hiring a literary manager and publicist, I finally landed an agent and we are looking for a publisher. Yippee!!!”

Before that, a small victory happened.

“I’ve written eight novels and just starting to really get a sense of how to write like a true author. I self-published my latest book and sold 156 copies. I’m trying hard to market myself and research ways to improve.”

Before that, a small victory happened.

“I’m working on my third novel. Things are going a little smoother than my first book. I still need help with my mechanics, along with pacing and character development.  My plot is strong, but I’m far from being publishable.”

Before that, a small victory happened.

“I just started my first novel. It’s going pretty well so far, but taking me a long time to write. I have started to read more books and watch less TV. Also, I’m researching ways to market myself and improve. Not sure how long it will take for me to have a career as an author, but I do not plan on giving up.”

Before that, a small victory happened.

“I’m thinking about writing a book and becoming an author. Maybe someday, I’ll look back on that decision and be thankful. As for now, I need to write that first sentence.”

I would read this blog in reverse order…and start achieving those small victories.

Ron Knight

Author of “2-10”

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