Shaping the Author: Part I

Here is the good news. You have more than one path to become a successful author. While you take the journey down each path, your author shape will be revealed. In other words, you will completely change from the original person that had an idea about a great book.

Many bestselling authors can refer back to a single moment that changed their lives. Compare these examples to your own life, while learning to shape your own author career.

~ An author that was on the bestsellers list fifty times began her author career on a dare by her husband.

Lesson: You have at least one person in your life that will believe in your dreams and motivate you.

Question: How much value do you put on others to shape your author career? 

~ An author that won the Edgar Award, Shamus Award, and the Anthony Award, started his career working for his grandfather in the travel industry.

Lesson: Most authors start out in a job that has nothing to do with being an author. On the other hand, working in the travel industry could give you some great ideas.

Question: By reevaluating your other job, what ideas can you come up with to shape your author career? 

~ An author that sold 100 million books had not been permitted to watch television as a child. Therefore, the author read books instead.

Lesson: Television is the destroyer of authors. If you want to sell 100 million books, then you need to limit your time in front of the tube.

Question: How much time do you spend reading, compared to how much time you spend watching TV? (The answer will shape your author career.)

~ An author felt alienated around people, because of his 6’9 height and amazing intelligence. Even at Harvard, the professor gave him bad marks on purpose. To overcome his struggles, he practiced meditation and became a workaholic. He has sold over 150 million books.

Lesson: Overcoming fears and weaknesses will shape your career as an author. Some common weaknesses for authors can be public speaking, business management, and marketing knowledge.

 Question: What steps can you take to turn your weaknesses into strengths, so you can productively shape your author career? 

~ An author fought off boredom by writing books. Later in her career, she had been on the bestsellers list for 660 weeks.

Lesson: Sometimes the most common thing can change a person’s life. There will be several opportunities in the next week, month, and year, which can advance your author career. That opportunity can be a day when you have nothing to do.

Question: What are you doing with your spare time, to shape your author career? 

I have many more examples, lessons, and questions to share. Meanwhile, clear your mind and think about the circumstances that moved you toward the passion of becoming an author.

And then, be aware that just about anything in your future can propel your career to greatness.

Ron Knight

 The third principle of Untraditional Publishing is Self-Discovery. Ask yourself twenty questions that will open your mind to new ideas. Understand how to be the best seller of your books. Take an author background check. Turn obstacles into opportunities. 

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